All of our sausages are made with locally sourced, naturally raised and pastured pork from the Lazy SR Ranch in Willsall, MT.

Saucisson Sec

The French charcuterie classic. We combine garlic and black pepper with extraordinary local pork to recreate this traditional standard.

Saucisson Sel

Another of our French-styled sausages, this one is simple and straightforward: Pork and salt–that’s it. This sausage has garnered a steadfast following among our regular customers with allergies to pepper and other spices.


A classic Italian-style salame made with garlic, fennel seed, black pepper, anise seed, red pepper, and red wine. We make this in a little smaller size than our other sausages and it’s popular with local hikers, hunters, and skiers.

Orange & Wild Fennel Pollen

Renee’s favorite, this is our version of an Italian salumi standard, Finocchiona. We use blood orange peel powder, fresh orange juice, and a splash of Moscato wine combined with wild fennel pollen from the Tuscany region of Italy, to create this subtly complex sausage.

Bay Zinga

We discovered the spices for this sausage while visiting New Zealand a couple of years ago. We combine the spice blend from Telegraph Hill Olivery known as Zing (powdered Kalamata olives, garlic, and herbs) with powdered Bay leaf for a bold, aromatic, Mediterranean-style sausage. (Thanks to The Big Bang Theory for the name!)

Spanish Chorizo

Smoked Agri Dulce and Picante Spanish Pimentón (Paprika), Ancho Chile, Cayenne Pepper, Garlic, and red wine highlight this traditional Spanish-style chorizo. This sausage works very well in cooked dishes as well as on a platter.

 Duck Prosciutto

With the look and texture of pork prosciutto but with the luscious flavor of duck, this is one of our most popular products. We salt-box duck half-breasts for a day, dust them with white pepper, and then hang them in our curing chamber until they’re just right.


Berkshire belly cured with maple sugar and syrup then smoked with a combination of Apple, Cherry, Alder, and Maple wood.

Beef Pastrami

Montana grown Choice-grade Black Angus brisket; brined, slow smoked with hickory, then slowly braised to perfection.